NDPR Moves Rig To Ogbele, With Omerelu in Sight

Nigerian independent Niger Delta Petroleum Resources (NDPR), commenced a 3 well campaign on the Ogbele field in mid-March 2018.

It is the company’s fourth Drilling Campaign on Ogbele and “it will be a field life changing exercise”, gushes Layi Fatona, the company’s outgoing Managing Director.

NDPR plans to move the rig to drill one well in another small field: Omerelu, after the Ogbele campaign.

NPDR’s timeline for Omerelu drilling is August 2018, but this may shift, depending on the challenges at the Ogbele site.

NDPR is carrying about 4Million Barrels of oil and 2Billion standard cubic feet of gas(P1) for Omerelu. “We are going to test the Omerelu well extensively so that we can assure productivity before we proceed to any form of development”, other sources in the company disclose.

Omerelu is an undeveloped discovery that NDPR negotiated with Chevron Nigeria about 18 years ago. The company was granted a right of first refusal of the Omerelu Field, at the same time that it negotiated and executed the Ogbele Field Farm out Agreement (FOA) in 2000.


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