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El Wastani Plant In Capacity Boost To 200MMscf/d

Dana Gas operated El Wastani Gas Plant in North Central Egypt, is undergoing a major maintenance and tie-in work programme lasting until March 14, 2014. During the period, the processing plant will be put through a major facility and equipment upgrade to expand its production output capacity by 40 MMscf/d to 200 MMscf/d, a 25% increase.

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Siemens Gets The Nod To Boost Algeria’s Gas To Power

Siemens Energy will supply two Model SGT5-4000F gas turbines, two SGen5-1000A generators, for use in a 460MW simple cycle power plant in Biskra, on the northern edge of the Sahara, in north eastern Algeria.

Algeria transmits 12,000MW of electricity per day, most of it gas-fired, through the National Transmission grid.

The German supplier will provide technical field assistance during the erection and commissioning phase and provide spare parts for the components through a ten-year long-term parts supply agreement.

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Tanzania To Become A Gas-Fired Economy

By Sa’ad Bashir, in Dar es Salaam

Tanzania is on the way to becoming a gas-fired economy. Six hydroelectric stations currently deliver 561MW (or 56.1%) of the country’s installed electricity generating capacity of 1,000MW.

Thermal generation, today, accounts for 440MW of electricity, with 205MW being diesel powered.

But the Mtwara-Dares Salaam gas pipeline, gas processing plants at Madimba in Mtwara and Songo Songo Island in Lindi, as well as two phases of the Kinyerezi Power Plant, will ultimately lead to additional 390MW of gas fired electricity, by 2016.

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Gaz du Cameroun Connects Glass Manufacturer To Gas

Gaz du Cameroun (GDC) has successfully completed a new thermal gas connection with glass manufacturer SOCAVER.
The SOCAVER plant is now substantially online and is expected to consume an average of 400,000 scf/d running 24 hours per day, with peak demand estimated at 764,000 scf/d.

GDC is the Cameroon operating subsidiary of Victoria Oil and Gas, the UK based minnow, which now runs a gas processing plant on a small field in Cameroon from which it supplies natural gas to industrial customers.

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Anadarko Claims Progress In Marketing Mozambican Gas

American independent Anadarko, says it continues to make steady progress, along with its partners, in “marketing LNG sourced from the Anadarko-operated Offshore Area 1 in Mozambique”.
The company has insisted that the first cargo of LNG from the southeasternmost African country will be lifted sometime in 2018. “To date, the partners have reached multiple non-binding Heads of Agreement (HOAs) for long-term LNG sales to buyers in premium Asian markets covering approximately two-thirds of the first 5-million-tonne-per-annum train”, Anadarko says in its fourth quarter 2013 statement.

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Angola LNG sells its first LPG cargo


The facility has a second jetty for loading cooking gas for the domestic market
By Sully Manope, Southern African correspondent

Angola LNG has announced the sale of its first LPG cargo from its plant in the port town of Soyo, at the mouth of the Congo River in the country’s north west. The 5.2 Metric Tonnes Per Annum(MMTPA) facility, built to create value from Angola’s offshore gas resources, was commissioned in mid-2013.
The LPG and condensate jetty was commissioned immediately prior to commencement of loading operations. Commissioning included the testing of safety devices, mooring arrangements and loading arms.

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South Africa Remains Wary Of Investment In Gas To Power

Dikobe Ben Martin, MP

Mozambican gas is viewed as costly LNG option, which can’t even compete with nuclear
By Toyin Akinosho

Natural gas remains at the bottom of the pile among fuels in consideration for firing electricity plants in South Africa in the next twenty years.

The latest draft of the Department of Energy’s Integrated Resource Plan (December 2013) takes cognizance of the vast recent increase in natural gas reserves in fields offshore Tanzania and Mozambique-next door – but considers that their distance “would lead to higher costs, closer to the LNG price”. The 114 page document remarks: “There may even be an argument that suggests South Africa would be better served to allow this gas to be liquefied and then import it as LNG rather than increase energy dependency on one source of gas”. The assumed price of LNG in the document is $10/MMBTU.

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Tanzania: Gas Revenue Fund Will Be Managed By Central Bank

Tanzanian authorities consider a gas revenue fund as one of the essential pillars of the gas policy. The country’s central bank is expected to play a major role if the policy is implemented.

Tanzania has witnessed discoveries of over 30 Trillion Cubic feet of gas in the last four years. The government is concerned that, as a gas industry takes off, its revenues are properly managed for the benefit of Tanzanians. “The government wants to ensure a transparent and accountable system towards natural gas revenue management and development of the natural gas industry”, says the 45 page midstream-downstream gas policy approved by the country’s cabinet in October 2013.

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Dangote To Receive Thermal Gas From Gaz du Cameroun

GDC charges $16/MMBtu, with prices fixed for five years

Dangote Cement has penned an agreement with Gaz du Cameroun, for the provision of gas fired thermal power at its plant in Douala, Cameroon. The cement factory is a brand new one with an installed capacity of the annual production capacity of is 1.6 million tons.

The gas connection is anticipated in the second half of 2014.

Gaz du Cameroun is a subsidiary of Victoria Oil &Gas, a British minnow which operates the Logagba gas field and gas processing plant in the country and has connected industries in Cameroon’s major commercial city with fuel. The company executes gas sales agreements with customers to sell gas at $16/mmbtu, with prices fixed for five years and the contract term lasting 20 years.

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Ogbele Inches Close To 10Bcf Mark

By Sully Manope

The Ogbele field in the Nigeria’s Eastern Niger Delta will have delivered 10Billion standard cubic feet of gas to its main customer, by the end of January 2014. That customer is the Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG) Limited.
The field had input 5Bcf to the NLNG system by June 2013, seven months after the first gas delivery into NLNG Bonny Plant.

Ogbele is a marginal oil and gas field, which was farmed out by Chevron in the late 90s, to Niger Delta Petroleum Resources (NDPR), a Nigerian E&P independent. The agreement got the consent of the government in 2000.

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