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Kingsley Is Crowned King Of NAPE

IN NOVEMBER 2005, Kingsley Ojoh earned the prestigious fellowship of the Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationists (NAPE), Africa’s largest umbrella organization of petroleum professionals. He took the award a few months after he became Executive General Manager, Geoscience and Reservoir Engineering(GSR) at TOTAL’s Nigerian upstream subsidiary. In just a year after the fellowship award, he was elected President-Elect of the association, in a keenly contested election in which he beat the association’s former vice president, Victor Agbe -Davies, who is Exploration Manager at Amni, the Nigerian independent oil producer. As President-Elect, Ojoh will work for the next one year with the substantive NAPE president, Emmanuel Enu, incidentally his former teacher at the Obafemi Awolowo University 27 years ago.

Kelly Takes Luanda

KELLY HARTSHORN, FORMER General Manager, Exploration for Chevron International Exploration and Production, has settled into her new job in Angola as the oil major’s General Manager, Asset Development for the Southern Africa Strategic Business Unit(SASBU). Chevron operates 500,000BOPD, (its largest production in sub-Saharan Africa) in Angolan shallow offshore and deepwater leases. Hartshorn replaced Jeff Shellebarger who has been moved to Australia. Hartshorn started work with Gulf Oil in Houston in 1979 and has worked in Bolivia, Columbia and Venezuela. As a daughter of a diplomat, she says she is used to living in a new culture and learning a foreign language. Before she went to college in the United States, she lived with her parents in Costa Rica, the Phillipines, Mexico, Bolivia and Argentina, where she graduated from high school. In her new job, she says “I am looking forward to learning Portuguese”. The position Of GM, Asset Development in Angola is the No 2 job in the business unit, so Hartshorn has a lot on her plate. “I am looking forward to the wide variety of challenges this business faces every day-identifying and capturing new acreage to bolster our portfolio of assets; identifying and drilling new exploration and appraisal prospects to load the growth queue; finding creative, cost effective ways to move existing resources to reserves, etc.”

Agip Annoints Tope Olaleye

AGIP NIGERIA has chosen Tope Olaleye as the exploration manager for its largest, most productive asset: the 200,000BOPD Joint Venture acreages in the central Niger Delta. The quiet, self effacing career geologist was a surprising choice over the visible Geophysicist Charles Ojo, who delivers most of Agip’s technical papers in the conference circuit and comes across, often, as the face of the company. Olaleye took over the job from Ayo Ogunde, who has moved upstairs to run the Nigerian Agip Exploration, the new affiliate in charge of frontier acreages. Mr Ogunde is also more involved in top management decisions, doing scenario planning for the company. Olaleye trained at the Obafemi Awolowo University in Ile Ife, Nigeria, graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Geology in 1977 and earned a Masters In Business Administration MBA (Management) from the University of Lagos in 1989. He started work in Agip on April 1, 1980 as an Assistant Exploration Geologist and rose through various positions from Subsurface Geologist to Senior Exploration Geologist and Project Leader at various times. He was appointed Deputy Manager, Exploration Assets Development in January 2005 before the current move.

A Higher Calling For Yves-Louis Darricarrere

TOTAL, THE FRENCH OIL AND GAS supermajor, has announced the appointment of Yves-Louis Darricarrere, as President, Exploration and Production worldwide. He moves into the position in February 2007, when Christophe de Margerie takes hold of the entire corporation as Chief Executive Officer. Yves-Louis Darricarrere, 55, has had extensive international experience in the company, including 10 years working in Australia, Egypt and Colombia. With undergraduate and graduate degrees in economics from the Ecole Nationale Superierure des Mines and the Institut d’Etudes Politics in Paris, he joined Elf Aquitaine in 1978, working first in the mining division in Australia and subsequently in Exploration and Production. He held a variety of senior management positions starting in 1984, successively Managing Director of the Egyptian and Columbian subsidiaries, director of Acreage Assets Negotiations and New Ventures and Chief Financial Officer, Exploration and Production and Oil &Gas. In 1998, he was appointed Senior Vice President, Europe/United States for the Exploration &Production business and a member of the Elf Aquitaine Management Committee. In 2000, he was named Senior Vice President, Northern Europe for the Exploration & Production business and joined the Corporation’s Management Committee. He is moving to his next job from his current position of President of TOTAL Gas &Power, a job he has held since 2003.

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