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LITERACY: Moroccan Book Fair promotes women’s literature

THE MOROCCAN CITY OF FEZ HOSTED  A book fair devoted to women writers in early March 2008. Dozens of Moroccan writers, poet and literary publishers convened March 7th in Fez for the first-ever Women’s Book Fair. The event offered Moroccans the chance to meet writers and discuss gender issues, as well as enjoying various theatrical and musical displays. Female academic’ students, activists, journalists and housewives attended the two-day event entitled “Female Writers of Yesterday and Today”. Feminine Creativity Association, one of the oldest defenders of women’s rights in Morocco, co-sponsored the event with the Mubadarat (Initiatives) Association “We felt that women’s creative writings, when so highlighted, become significantly prominent. However, when they are presented in a joint spat with men’s writings, the latter’s writings dominate,” Tanana said. “In ordinary book fairs, important women’s books would be kept on shelves. They don’t appear amidst the congestion of writings,” Roughly 85% of attendance was Moroccan and Arab female writers.

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