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CNODC Processes OPL 471 Data

CNODC Nigeria has initiated prequalification of contractors to process the 3D seismic data it acquired on the Nigerian Oil Prospecting Lease, OPL 471, in shallow offshore western Niger Delta. The China National Oil Development Corporation (CNODC), a subsidiary of the Chinese state behemoth CNPC, wants a full kirchoff post stack time migration (PSTM)processing for the 1,200sq km survey, which was acquired in 15-45metre water depth at bin size of 12.5 x 25 and a 60 fold coverage. The company says record length is nine seconds(in time depth). CNODC won OPL 471 in a bid round in 2006 and signed a Production Sharing Contract with the state hydrocarbon company NNPC in 2007. The seismic processing contract is to be awarded by first quarter 2009 and processing must be completed in a maximum of six months from receipt of input tapes

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  1. Natia says:

    Simon,Not wanting to be crrntaoy or miss the point:efficiency is about 17% depending on maufacturer then you have to take into account local solarity – but apparently just 2% of the Sahara’s land area can generate enough solar power to meet the power demands of the world, however your last paragraph hits the nail on the head. Transmission (and security) is still a major problem.Anengiyefa there is a difference in solarity between north and south just like there is more rain in the south than the north. Political correctness won’t change that. Acceptance rathter than denial of such differences is where the future lies.Thorium would probably be a positive power future for developed(?) nations and relatively safe but I guess it will be stuck between the political right (it doesn’t produce weapons grade material) and the left (closed minds – the word nuclear is not politically correct).Anonymous I think that solar power requires capital and not quite as much education as you imply. One wonders what your people must have been thinking to allow the ‘worst educated parts of Africa’ (indeed) to dominate the nation’s politics for the best part of 40 years. Were you sleeping?

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