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Afren’s Ebok… Six Horizontal Wells Will Start the Drainage

Afren’s first phase development plan for Ebok field comprises five horizontal oil production wells in the D2 reservoir, one horizontal oil production well targeting the Dl reservoir and one water injection well in the central Fault Block 1 and Fault Block 2 areas of the field. All wells will be drilled from a single field location via a Well-head Support Structure (“WSS”) and mobile offshore production unit (“MOPU”). Fabrication of the WSS is complete and is in transit for delivery to the project. The company is in the process of finalising contract discussions on the production facilities. Associated gas produced will be utilised as fuel for the facilities’ power generation and as gas lift to assist well productivity.

Following completion of the initial development phase, the subsequent development phases will incorporate the full development of the D2 Southern Lobe, Dl reservoir (Fault Block 1 & 2 areas), and Fault Block West, whilst appraising the potential within the West Flank Qua Iboe structure, the 1)2 Upside Extension and the Fault Block North (cumulative total of 212 MMBBLS STOOIP and 66 MMBBLS recoverable), Afren’s report states.


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