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CAMEROON: It’s 300 Ft. Gross at La-105

Victoria Oil & Gas (VOG) reached a total depth of 2,718 metres(8,920 feet) in La-l05 well, on the Logbagba field in Cameroon on January 1, 2010. As of the time of our going to press on January 15, 2010, the latest announcement was that the well was being logged, prior to its completion as a development well. VOG says that multiple gas-bearing sands were encountered at virgin pressures at depths between 1,800 metres and 2,500 metres, which can be correlated to those found and tested in the nearby well La-103. Well La-103 flowed at rates from 5 to 12 million cubic feet of gas per day from individual sands when drilled in 1956.

The data obtained while drilling La-105 showed in excess of 300 feet of gross pay and also indicated the presence of over-pressured shale gas in a significant interval. VOG expected to run a 7-inch liner will be run to isolate the sands for future testing and production. The company was expected to provide more detailed information on La- 105 and drilling of the next well at Logbaba, La-106 in due course. But Kevin Foo, VOG Chairman as very upbeat. “Notably, the presence of gas in the shale could add upside to previous management interpretations”.

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