NDPR Achieves First Diesel

Nigerian independent, Niger Delta Petroleum Resources, commenced production of diesel oil a week to Christmas 2010. The product has specific gravity of 850kg/ m3 and flash point ranging between 6668oC to tank.

NDPR feeds 800 Barrels of Oil Per Day from its daily crude oil production of roughly 5,000BOPD to the diesel topping plant, located in its flowstation on its Ogbelle oil field in eastern Nigeria.

“A Joint Chemex(contractor) and NDPR teams continue to monitor and fine tune operating parameters until a steady state is reached”, the company said in a statement. “I am pleased to announce that our Company had, by this simple little achievement, now elevated itself, into the ‘one-in-class’ status of an Integrated Independent Nigerian Oil Company’ declared Layi Fatona, NDPR’s managing director, in an emailed message to staff. “First, to you all operating Staff at Ogbelle, I say Congratulations and well done! A Milestone, one so dear to my heart you all have helped and supported to deliver. To God, the biggest Gentleman out there and upstairs of our respective mind and abode, we all must praise, always, not just for giving us the good thoughts, but the ability and will to execute. For his grace and the state of our individual health, I continue to be eternally grateful to him.”. It was a very Nigerian official message.


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