South Sudan May Pay $10-15 As Transit Fees

Sudan and South Sudan improved their offers in terms of the transit fee for oil transportation through Sudan. By the first week of August 2012, South Sudan said it waswilling to pay $9.10 and $7.26 per barrel to use two pipelines crossing Sudan, alongside a $3.2 billion package to compensate for the loss of most oil reserves to the South.
It had previously offered $2.6 billion.

Sudan itself lowered its demand to $15 a barrel per pipeline, down from $32, according to officials. It had until the end of July 2012 insisted on $36 a barrel.
Thabo Mbeki, the former South African president who is mediating the conversation between the two parties, said the two countries have reached a badly needed oil deal and will discuss restarting oil production soon.
“It’s an (oil) agreement about all of the matters. The issues that were outstanding were charges for transportation, for processing, transit,” Mr Mbeki told reporters. “What will remain (now)…is to then discuss the steps as to when the oil companies should be asked to prepare for the resumption of production and export,” Mbeki said in Addis
Ababa where the talks take place.


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