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Egypt: Vegas Moves For A New Take Point In Geyad

Vegas Oil & Gas has moved the rig to the Geyad field, following the successful completion of the Al Ola-3 well. The new location, Geyad-6, is an infill production well, located in the south central part of the structure.
Al Ola, Al Amir SE field (AASE) and Geyad fields are all in Egypt’s North Gemsa Concession, which is 50% operated by Vegas. Al Ola-3 is a water injection well, located downdip of and to support the oil production from the Al Ola-1, Al Ola-2, AASE-12ST and AASE-1X production wells respectively, and is located 870 metres to the south of the Al-Ola-1 well and 1,445 metres south-east of Al-Ola-2 well. The well’s objective was to appraise both the Shagar and Rahmi sands for water injection in that location.
The well was successfully drilled to a total depth of 10,550 ft MD into the Upper Rudeis. The well encountered 18 ft of net reservoir in the Kareem Shagar sand (between 10,164-10,182 ft MD) and 20 ft of net reservoir in the Rahmi sand (between 10,232-10,252 ft MD), with high water saturation present to the base of the reservoir as expected. Formation pressure tests in the Kareem sands of Al Ola-3 indicate fluid communication in this southern extent of the AASE field. The well will be dually completed as a Shagar and Rahmi water injector.

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