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S.A Giant Plans A 175 MW Plant For Mozambique

Synfuels giant Sasol and Mozambican power utility EDM plan to build a $250Million gas-fired plant in the south of Mozambique.
The 175 MW facility will be owned as a joint venture by Sasol and EDM, with EDM taking a 51% stake. The plant will be fuelled by Mozambican gas from the Pande/Temane field, operated by Sasol.

Mozambique’s current generating capacity is around 2 200 MW, most of it from the Cahora Bassa hydroelectric dam. Most of that power is exported to neighbouring South Africa, while only 18% of Mozambicans have access to electricity.
A booming coal and gas industry has pushed up electricity demand in Mozambique, now expected to surge by 15% and 20% a year.


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