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Why should I attend the Offshore Technology Conference(OTC) in Houston?

The Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) will be held from 5th May to 8th May 2014 in Houston, Texas USA, at the Reliant Stadium Complex. The Petroleum Technology Association of Nigeria (PETAN) coordinates the participation of Nigerian companies at the event. Get more information at www.petan.org.

Why should I attend the Offshore Technology Conference  (OTC) in Houston?

Every once in a while, I get the question, ‘why should I go to OTC?’. Often, it is expressed in a cynical comment; ‘OTC is a jamboree’.  And so, I learnt the habit of throwing the question back at attenders to find out why they come to OTC. The answers vary, but there are common threads: to find new technology, to seek business partners for that special project, to educate myself about the industry, to figure out why everyone goes, and of course to network. Networking is all important in business, after all people do business with people they connect with.  Fact is that, Nigeria has the fourth largest representation at OTC.  With over 2500 Nigerian industry key persons in attendance, you may turn around any of those days and find the decider or buyer you have tried unsuccessfully to see in the past several months sitting right next to you at the panel session, or standing beside  you in the Nigerian Pavilion.  There you have your opportunity to close that deal or move things some steps nearer to closing.

And so PETAN has structured events intended to bring together buyers and sellers. But you have to attend those events to stand a chance of connecting with anyone.

The Nigerian Pavilion is a central meeting location for attendees from Monday to Thursday. Come also and be amazed by what Nigerian companies are contributing to the industry. Attend the two panel sessions/luncheons at Crowne Plaza Hotel, on Kirby Drive, opposite the Arena on Tuesday 6th  May and Wednesday 7th May to hear insights on the industry from those who know, and also get your opportunity to voice your opinion. Tuesday night (6th May) at Hilton Americas, Downtown is an evening of relaxation, dining and entertainment: top class Nigerian entertainment right in the heart of Texas. Finally, whether or not you are a golfer, join the party on Thursday  8th  May at Quail Valley Country Club Missouri City to play 18, or enjoy the 19th.

I should not leave out one other common reason that many attend the OTC; just for the fun, the ‘jamboree’.  And who would blame them? After several months of toil and hard work and dealing with the challenges of life in the Nigerian oilfields they sure have earned the right to use the OTC as an excuse to take the extra days off to recharge, relax, visit friends and family and simply get lost in the ‘jamboree’

What is your reason?

Engr. Geoff Onuoha
Chairman, Conferences Committee



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