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The South Dirkinis-1 Could Have Come On Stream

Irish explorer Petroceltic was going for early monetization of the South Dikirnis -1, which it just finished drilling in Egypt’s West Dikirnis Licence. The well is, afterall, located adjacent to existing facilities and infrastructure.

Instead, the company encountered “high quality sandstone reservoirs” which were water wet, in the objective Miocene column. “The well was targeting a stratigraphic trap in the Miocene formation, to the south of the producing West Dikirnis field”,  Petroceltic says in a release. The prospect had a gross mean unrisked prospective resource of 7.6MMBOE.

The company operates West Dikirnis Licence, in which the well is located, with 100% interest. The West Dikirnis oil and gas field was discovered in December 2005 and production commenced in November 2007. The field comprises a 70 foot oil reservoir which is overlain by a thick gas cap and to date the Group has focused on maximising the hydrocarbon liquids recovery by drilling horizontal wells and installing LPG recovery and Gas Reinjection (“GRI”) facilities.

South Dikirnis-1 reached a total depth of 2,895 metres and the open hole log analysis indicates that the reservoir interval is water bearing.


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