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Avuru Donates ~$2MM Hospital to Oil Community

Catholic Diocese of Warri to administer one of the Biggest Health Facilities in Delta State

Austin Avuru, Chief Executive of Seplat Petroleum, has completed a 375Million Naira ($1.9Million), 70 bed health facility in Abbi, in the oil producing ABBI-HOSPITAL-FRONT-ENTRANCEDelta State of Nigeria.

ABBI-HOSPITAL-RECEPTION-(MATERNITY)The hospital comprises eight bungalows, housing an accident emergency bay, a male ward, a female ward, a maternity ward, and a children’s ward. There’s an outpatient clinic, a full digital X ray unit, a laboratory, an ambulance, a kitchen, a canteen and several other services. Each of the wards has two private rooms for people who might choose the privilege to pay a little more.ABBI-HOSPITAL-ENDOSCOPY-ROOM

The facility will be formally opened Sunday, April 26, 2015.“It is my pleasure to personally invite you to the Opening Ceremony of the Catholic Hospital, Abbi, Delta State”, Avuru wrote to friends last week, “a facility that I helped to build and subsequently handed over to the Catholic Diocese of Warri”.

The hospital  has nothing to do with community relations unit of either Platform Petroleum, the marginal field ABBI-HOSPITAL-INSIDE-VIEW-(MALE'S-WARD)operator Avuru founded, or Seplat ABBI-HOSPITAL-CHILDREN'S-WARDPetroleum, of which he is Managing Director.

“I put aside 20% of my income for the past five years to build a church and a hospital for the community in which I was raised”, Avuru told Africa Oil+Gas Report. “It so happened that the church, because it is smaller, was completed earlier” and dedicated in October 2013. “This hospital was completed in December 2014”.ABBI-HOSPITAL-X-RAY-ROOM

ABBI-HOSPITAL-MEDICAL-LAB.-(LEFT-SIDE-VIEW)The decision to hand it to the Catholic Church to run was to be sure it was in the hands of an organization that could be trusted to run it properly. “The biggest cost element in running the facility is the overheads and government should be a natural choice”, Avuru admits. But he wasn’t sure there was a health facility in Delta state which wasn’t run down. “It becomes another outlet of the ministry, trapped in inefficient bureaucracy”. So, does the administration and maintenance by the Catholic Church guarantee adequate financing? The hospital will charge fees normally expected of a non-profit but ABBI-HOSPITAL-FEMALE'S-WARDself-sustaining medical facility.

“My estimation is that in the first three years, they will need help”, Avuru explains in a telephone interview, “I have a budget to support them for those teething three years”.The Catholic Church Hospital in Abbi becomes the foundational project of Austin Avuru’s foundation, whose name he hasn’t publicly come out with. “I have instituted a community health scheme where I pay an annual premium of Three Million Naira ($15,000) from which about 300 registered recipients will receive free medical care (paid for by medical insurance)”, Avuru rounds up. “You know I am not a believer in subsidies”.

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  1. Chukunalu Frank says:

    Well-done bro. May God continue to bless you as you give back to your society.

  2. johnson Abamba Otu says:

    Thank you so very much for your contribution to the development of our community .
    I pray that the Lord Almighty will reward you In Jesus Mighty Name . Amen!

  3. Ade says:

    Thank you so very much

  4. Esegbue says:

    I know how difficult it is for my aged mother to get health care in the “not so good” health facilities nearby. I also know the risk in traveling to those towns and cities and the inconveniences involved. I will say Austin developed this project to relieve the likes of me from further worries. what more do i need than to say big thank you for letting me and my family enjoy from your labour. Thank you so much Austin and may God bless you the more.

  5. Austin Avuru has done a Great job as much as I can say. We need more people like this to move Delta State to the Next Level.

    Thank God we know how committed we are and will be when we get into the Business of Running things in Delta State.

  6. Uchejim Eze says:

    This is one project that will directly impact the ordinary people on the street, Austin has not only demonstrated a high level of philantropy but has recognized with the needs and cries of a people who have been so marginalized and neglected for so long….God bless Abbi Echala n’ Uba…God bless Delta State…

  7. Ebiai egidigbo uche says:

    It shall be well with you all Abbians

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