Amadi Speaks To Power at NAPE Workshop

  • ‘Positioning the Oil Industry for Enhanced Performance in the New Dispensation’.
  • Emeka Okwuosa engages the PIB Conundrum; FBN Capital confirms speaking participation

Sam Amadi, Chairman and Chief Executive of the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), will be explaining the strategies for converting the growing Megawatt Capacity to reliable power, at a special workshop next Tuesday, July 14, 2015.

Amadi’s NERC is faced with the challenge of adequate gas supplies for new-build thermal power plants, and the commission is canvassing options that will speedily increase the amount of megawatt available for wheeling to the market.

He is one of the key speakers at the workshop being planned to collate industry thinking on strategies to “revamp the Nigerian Oil industry and position it for accountability, professionalism and profitability”, according to Chikwe Edoziem, President of the Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationists (NAPE).

NAPE decided to organise the workshop, Edoziem says “to guide the new leadership in the country under President Muhammadu Buhari, who campaigned on a platform of ‘Change’ to position the Petroleum industry for enhanced performance”.

Amadi will be joined on the podium by Emeka Ene, petroleum engineer and policy wonk, who is at once the chair of the Nigerian council of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) as well as President of the Petroleum Technology Association of Nigeria (a body of engineering service contractors), speaking on Quick wins For Energy Sector Reform  and  Mene Sylvester Kogbara, a community leader from the Ogoni (oil producing) community, who has been invited to address the issue of Community-led social-security solution for tackling pipeline vandalism. But, as the national conversation has always focused on crude oil exports and gas production for both domestic (power, industry) and export (LNG, WAGP), what, exactly is the official mix for tackling energy poverty in the country? “That is why we have invited the Energy Commission to provide the Keynote”, says Nosa Omorodion, President Elect and workshop organizer for NAPE. Mohammed Ibrahim of the Energy Commission will be setting the stage with Current Energy Mix in the Context of the Energy Framework Policy. Subtext: Is There Too Much Reliability on Natural Gas?Emmanuel Enu, Executive Director at First E&P, will chair and moderate the opening session.

A group of select heads constitutes the roundtable of panel discussants after the main speeches.Kayode Akinkugbe, CEO of FBN Capital, will be deliberating on Financing the Interim Electricity Market, from the power delivery back to upstream gas. Some of the discussants will deliver papers even within the context of the panel discussion. Emeka Okwuosa, CEO of Oilserv, the country’s top oil and gas pipeline construction firm, will speak on the long drawn Petroleum Industry Bill. His talk:What to Keep, What to Leave out, in the Cumbersome, Impassable PIB” is expected to be as insightful as it might be provocative.Seye Fadahunsi, technical directorat Pillar Oil, a marginal field operator will be both panelist as well as deliver a paper on Historical Analysis/Evaluation of All the Bid Rounds to date and why the Industry feels the rounds have inadequately deliveredI think what we are all looking for is a credible bid round”, says Nedo Osayande, a recently retired General Manager for Sustainable development and Community Relations at Shell and a member of the organizing committee. “So setting industry expectations would be one objective. Articulating how to go about it for Nigeria’s betterment is another. Nigeria’s betterment would include an incentivised scheme to encourage frontier exploration and the quest for more (domestic‎) gas”. George Osahon, former Director of DPR, will moderate the panel session.

The workshop is open to Energy Bureaucrats, Oil and Gas Bankers and Lawyers, Petroleum Engineers and Petroleum Geoscientists, Energy analysts, upstream investors, oil producing communities and members of the legislature. “We want to generate a communique that will succinctly light up the path for the next four years”, says Omorodion, whose daytime job is as Director, Nigerian Independents at Schlumberger, “only a broad church of intellectually savvy speakers and discussants can help with that and that’s what we have”.


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