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Ghana’s Domestic Gas Volume Now Higher than WAGP

By John Ankromah

Gas production from Ghana’s Jubilee field has reached a volume that is 60% higher than the import from Nigeria.

London listed Tullow oil, operator of the field, reports that “gas exports from the Jubilee field have averaged around 80 MMscf/d, since final commissioning of the onshore gas processing facility was completed in March 2015”. Imports of Nigerian gas via the West African Gas Pipeline has stalled around 50MMscf/d for two years, even though the volume agreed in the contract is 120MMscf/d. The nameplate capacity for Ghana’s gas processing plant, located at Atuabo, is 150MMscf/d. That plant is expected to process gas from nearby TEN cluster of fields, which comes on stream in 2016.

Ghana currently generates about 1,000MW with thermal plants using a mix of natural gas and expensive diesel. The country has six thermal plants with capacity of 1,407MW under construction or close to installation, the last of which is scheduled to be commissioned in 2017 and they all have natural gas as a fuel option. At optimum usage, they will require 352MMscf/d. The country’s politicians frequently blame the Nigerians whenever the voters agitate against the severe power outage, which has gripped the country in the last two years.

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