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Ebok Production in A Sharp Fall

The Ebok field in south east offshore Niger Delta was producing at about 21,000BOPD as of December2, 2015. This is a 25% drop from 28,000BOPD, the average gross production for the entire 2014. Afren, which operated the field until August 2015, was expecting a boost in production to over 30,000BOPD average for 2015.

Considerable amount of work had been done for the uplift, including the installation of the facility for the Central Fault Block Extension-whose delays, Afren claimed, held the production at 28,000BOPD. So why the decline in production if all the infrastructure had been in place? Ebok is a delicate field which needs continuous well drilling and well services to hold up robust performance. The current operator, Oriental Petroleum, had put a moratorium on drilling until 2017.

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