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Chief Technical Officer in CSS Corporate Solutions, LLC Lagos Nigeria

Chief Technical Officer

CSS Corporate Solutions, LLC
Lagos, Nigeria.
20 + Years Experience


Group Drilling Manager, Facilities I Engineering Lead, Petroleum Engineering Lead


This position will provide technical leadership and support for the Corporation’s oil and gas development projects, with a primary focus on Petroleum Engineering activity while providing oversight for Drilling and Exploration activities

Key Roles & Responsibilities:

This role should be filled by either a Reservoir Engineer or a Production Technologist , with a minimum of 25 years industry experience, including at least 10 years of supervising a multi-disciplinary technical team including; Geologists, Geophysicists, Petrophysicists, Reservoir Engineers and Production Technologists .

Core skills should include some of the following:

  • Ability to critically review historical information and develop a good understanding of reservoir drive mechanisms, depletion methodology and key risks
  • Ability to estimate reserves and oversee periodic reserve updates as well as manage the preparation of Competent Persons Reports
  • Good understanding of reservoir sweeping techniques and ability to formulate plans to optimize productivity
  • Reservoir modelling and characterization
  • Development of opportunity portfolio and FDPs
  • Good understanding of source, migration, trapping and sealing principles in the Niger Delta and more specifically in the Akata formation
  • Detailed understanding of water fingering and water migration
  • Good understanding of associated and non-associated gas development and optimization
  • Ability to develop and manage an active reservoir model
  • Good understanding of the development of well proposals, including probabilistic and single point chance of success estimates
  • Understanding of well proposal economics and thresholds
  • Good understanding of inflow properties, including reservoir flow dynamics and wellbore dynamics
  • Ability to optimize and determine maximum efficiency rates
  • Ability to manage well productivity based on interpretation of well test data and historical performance analysis
  • Manage well data base including pressure regimes, water production, oil production, sand production and other properties
  • Understanding the impact of wellhead pressure control and short, medium, and long term well performance
  • Ability to develop and manage an OFS type model for the field
  • Good understanding of contributing pay zones, producible zones and by-passed pay
  • Ability to develop and contribute to the a field opportunity portfolio
  • Understanding of well economics especially relating to water handling and viable limits and thresholds
  • Ability to lead a multi-disciplinary team (must have done this before) to lead to the development of field development plans (for senior roleJ
  • Good understanding of project management principles (for senior role)
  • Basic understanding of production operations (for senior role)
  • Good understanding of the regulatory environment, including required reporting from the relevant stakeholders (for senior role)
  • Ability to execute growth plans and deliver required volume growth
  • Supervise the origination and maturation of oil and gas development opportunities, including geological and geophysical activity, reservoir engineering and production technology activity
  • Provide advice, guidance and technical leadership in connection with NewcrossEP strategy and operations.
  • Participate in short, medium and long-term planning and improvements and interfaces with the production teams regarding production optimization and volume growth
  • Participate in the compilation of annual budgets and attend JV meetings on budget performance
  • Liaise with NNPC and DPR on all technical matters relating to the Company’s operations
  • Ensure compliance with all applicable legislations and regulations at all times
  • Plan, assign and direct work for all subordinates and appraise individual performance


  • Produce work programs and budget estimates for all development activity and obtain management I partner I stakeholder approval
  • Set goals and objectives of development activity
  • Ensure appropriate reports are accurately compiled and dispatched on due dates to relevant stakeholders
  • Monitor the Company’s capital budget to ensure it remains within those budgeted amounts relating to capital expenditures

Key Interfaces:

  • Production operations
  • Drilling, Well & petroleum engineering
  • Contractors/ Vendors
  • HR

Job Attributes:

  • Leadership skills
  • Critical thinking and Problem solving skills
  • Good organizational and communication skills
  • Project management skills
  • Risk evaluation

Key Skills, Experience and Qualifications required:

  • Core Skills in either Reservoir Engineer or Production Technology
  • Has experience in project management & engineering, with a good understanding of the requirements & characteristics of all process systems In which rotating equipment operate
  • Must have a first degree in Petroleum Engineering or related discipline
  • Must have 25+ years of Oil & Gas Industry experience, including experience in exploration and development activities in brown field assets

If interested, contact Pat Winn, for further details of job description and include your CV.

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