No Field Development Plan (FDP) For Oil Projects Without A Feasible Gas Utilisation Plan

Nigeria’s new-draft National Gas Policy envisages that the DPR, the country’s Petroleum Regulatory Agency, will no longer approve a field development plan for a gas prone oil field, unless there is a clear, feasible gas utilization plan.

This regulation has been in the statute books for over 15 years, but the draft gas policy says it has been weakly enforced.

“We need to be convinced that your gas utilization plan is feasible, that you’re going to work the plan”, Gbite Adeniji, Senior Technical Adviser, Upstream & Gas to the Minister of state for Petroleum, told the November 2016 monthly breakfast meeting of the Nigerian South Africa Chamber of Commerce. “Companies will be encouraged to take advantage of existing nearby infrastructure for their gas utilization plan, instead of coming up with plans that are assembled just to get approval for the oilfield development”.


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