OB3 Is 80% Completed

By Fred Akanni
Nigeria’s Ministry of Petroleum Resources says that the Obiafu-Obrikom-Oben (OB3) gas pipeline is about 80% completed.
Gbite Adeniji, Senior Technical Adviser, Upstream &Gas to the Minister of state for Petroleum, announced this at the monthly breakfast meeting of the Nigerian South Africa Chamber of Commerce.
But in a twist, Mr. Adeniji implored the audience (comprising of Upstream oil and gas company representatives as well as energy lawyers and bankers), to “pay close attention to and monitor the progress of the construction of this very important pipeline”.
Contract for the construction of the OB3 was awarded in 2011. At 48 inches, it remains the largest diameter pipe size to be built in Nigeria. At 127km in length, starting from the Intermediate Pigging station at Umukwata in Delta State and terminating at Oben Node in Edo State, it is the first gas pipeline, scheduled for the domestic market, to transport gas from the gas rich east of the country to the demand centres in the west of Nigeria.
“For this reason we should all be focused on its completion”, Adeniji insisted. “Let us vigorously engage with it”.


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