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Sasol Swoops on Southern Africa

Sasol is on course of adding 12 new retail outlets for petroleum products in 2019, mainly in the neighbouring countries north of South Africa

In 2018, it added 15 outlets, but all of that was in South Africa, the company’s headquarters and heartland.

The retail outlet expansion is achieved by buying over the competition.

We are “progressing value-accretive acquisitions of super-dealers”, the company says, adding that it continues to evaluate major acquisition opportunities, guided by capital allocation framework”.

Sasol was originally focused on building and operating facilities to produce a range of products, including liquid fuels, chemicals and low-carbon electricity.

It entered the South African fuel retail market in 2004 to sell through its own retail network, based on its proprietary technology.

Africa’s largest homegrown petrochemicals company boasts that the current retail outlet expansion is driven by its strong technical and operational heritage”

“We intend to maintain a competitive edge in marketing our energy products”, it says.  “Our energy business is highly cash generative and thrives on an integrated competitive cost advantage”.





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