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Geoscience Company Uses Amazon Webs Services for Subsurface Data Management


Ikon Science, a British provider of geopredictive and knowledge management, says it is collaborating with Amazon Web Services to offer a “next-gen solution called Curate”, to access and manage  the troves of subsurface data ,

Curate is built on the AWS implementation of OSDU™ Data Platform.

“While wells are being drilled, personnel can monitor those wells in real-time and access that data – as well as the data for wells around those being drilled”, Ikon Science says in a statement. “Curate can help determine where to drill and how to do it safely, saving human resources and capital while enhancing safety onsite”.

Curate is a solution that helps figure out ideal exploration opportunities and craft optimized production strategies.

“Together, we bring secure, reliable, global, and faster access of all subsurface data to engineers and geoscientists in a collaborative, cloud-enabled environment adding additional context and value of that data through workflows”, says Stuart Thomson, Chief Technology Officer, Ikon Science. “The goal is to maximize the potential of this open nature in a modern cloud-enabled software product that facilitates data accessibility and removal of barriers to knowledge.  The solution provides a collaborative workspace for cross-discipline working, enables seamless data and knowledge flow and democratizes the value generated by specialist workflows — ensuring the right data and knowledge have the greatest impact on decision making. This enables companies to save human resources and capital investment while increasing safety in the field”.

To maintain growth in future years, the oil and gas industry faces a massive challenge to find innovative solutions that maximize productivity while battling rising costs and promoting long term business sustainability.  “This critical data management problem is being addressed by a collaboration between Ikon Science and Amazon Web Services (AWS) “, Ikon declares




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