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A Hybrid Solar and Battery Plant to go up on the Sukari Gold Mine


Centamin has awarded juwi and Giza Systems the contract to construct the world’s largest solar hybrid project at an off-grid mine for the Sukari Gold Mine in Egypt.

The 36 MW solar farm and a 7.5 MW battery-energy storage system will tangibly reduce CO2 emissions of existing diesel power station. It will also reduce the cost of power, juwi says in a release. 

The total project Capital Expense is $37Million but it will lead to between $9-13Million annual savings in diesel cost, Centamin says in a briefing.

juwi is a German renewables energy developer. Giza systems is an Egyptian civil works contractor. 

The solar system designed by juwi will maximise generation with bifacial solar PV modules and a single axis tracking system, taking advantage of the high irradiance at site, the developer explains. Juwi Hybrid IQ micro-grid technology will enable the integration of the solar and battery system into the existing off-grid network and support the operation of the existing power station.

The benefits of the hybrid power solution at Sukari include:

• Reducing diesel consumption by an estimated 22Millionlitres-e per year;

• Lowering carbon emissions by an estimated 60,000 tCO2-e per every year;

• Reduction of all in sustaining costs;

• Reduced exposure to fuel price volatility;

• Increased reliability of the power system.

“The mining industry accounts for 10% of the global energy consumption and many minerals play a vital role for the energy transition. We are glad to support the resource industry on their de-carbonisation pathway with our dependable solar, wind and battery solutions”, juwi adds,

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