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BOAZ rebrands to deliver apex of service and technology-enabled solutions for the energy industry


Boaz Integrated Energy (BOAZ) (

has rebranded and unveiled its new logo to re-position to offer cutting-edge services in the oil and gas industry.

“The Company has completed its rebranding program in response to the new opportunities for technology-enabled solutions in the energy sector”, said Adeola Adebari, the Chief Executive Officer for BOAZ.

“Our visual identity is an essential part of the BOAZ Brand. Each element in the new logo was carefully crafted to symbolize the company’s dynamism and forward-thinking positioning within the Oil and Gas Servicing Industry, and the energy space at large. Indeed, this is a major milestone for us as a company”.

BOAZ provides revolutionary solutions to production and reservoir management challenges for the oil and gas industry, in partnership with such technology companies as Roke, Blue Spark, Jorin, and Data Science Nigeria.

The new brand captures the company’s readiness to support the industry’s renewed focus on maximizing ultimate hydrocarbon recovery, using cost-effective solutions, leveraging digital technologies, transitioning to renewable energies as well as maximizing returns on investments through safe, quality and sustainable solutions.

Here is the new visual identity of the Company:





The rationale behind the new logo, according to the CEO, is in alignment with the strategic intent: “Our new logo consists of two main components: BOAZ typeface and Apex Wheel Icon. The Apex Wheel Icon is a stylized ‘A’ that points forward within a wheel or ‘O’. These two elements symbolize our drive to offer the apex of service and technology within the energy industry, in alignment with our  corporate strategic intent. It is important to note that the Apex points forward, indicating that we are disruptive, ready and willing to change the status quo and the way business is done within oil and gas servicing in Sub-Saharan Africa. This of course is complemented by the wheel or ‘O’ which is also all about moving forward”.

The oil and gas industry has undergone major changes in recent times, which have fundamentally changed the way things are done. As the industry heals from the debilitating dual impact of price wars and COVID-19 pandemic, business leaders have learnt to do things differently as evidenced by the increased adoption of green solutions and digital technology innovations. These changes require new thinking. BOAZ new brand speaks to this new thinking in that the Company is poised to deploy its revolutionary technologies in the industry.

Some of the flagship solutions of the Company include Quad Reservoir Saturation Logging Technology, Wireline Applied Stimulation (WASP) Techology, and Visual Process Analyser (ViPA) Technology. Their benefits are highlighted below:

Quad: For reservoir saturation measurement, fluid contacts, lithology, porosity, clay volume and relative bulk density.

WASP: For wellbore cleaning, removal of scales, fines and debris from screens, perforations, downhole subsurface safety valves, gas lift valves etc.

ViPA: For produced water management, production chemical optimization and surface production equipment optimization.

Plugged in always into forward thinking

At the heart of the rebranding programme is a renewal of the Company’s corporate vision and mission statements to emphasize its expanded focus on the energy industry.  The Company also renewed its Corporate Culture with a new corporate look for its website. (

BOAZ Culture (

Abimbola Onaolapo, one of the Company’s Directors, gave some insight into the new corporate culture: “Our strong corporate culture is based on our shared values, represented by our name BOAZ. We are BOAZ, we stand for:

 B:      Boldly rising to challenges through innovation, excellence and teamwork

O:      Obligation to exceed clients’ expectations, always.

A:      Acting with Integrity and Respect

Z:      Zero harm to people, assets and the environment

 This is what we represent.”

The new BOAZ brand signifies the Company’s commitment to remain innovative, nimble and agile in order to help its clients achieve ambitious goals and stay ahead of the curve in the next normal.

BOAZ…. creating value, unearthing possibilities.



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