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Sonangol Completes Sale to Tranfigura

Angola’s state hydrocarbon company Sonangol has announced the completion of the sale of its shares in Puma Energy to Transfigura.

Sonangol’s release says:

Sonangol and Pumangol are honoured to announce the completion of the sale process of its shares in Puma Energy to Trafigura and the acquisition of Pumangol, as announced on 16th April, this year. The conclusion of this process followed the procedures and regulatory approvals required and represents Sonangol’s official departure from the shareholding structure of Puma Energy, with which Pumangol and all its assets become wholly and solely owned by Sonangol.

Sonangol’s exit from Puma Energy’s shareholding structure and the acquisition of Pumangol represent the achievement of a strategic objective of Sonangol and a firm step in the company’s Privatization Program, as well as the acquisition of a reinforcement to its core business of a profitable company with valuable assets.

For Pumangol, the conclusion of the acquisition process represents an Angolanization shareholder, leadership and staff. It’s the beginning of a new journey where the legacy of the Puma Energy era, grounded in its experience, will continue to keep Pumangol vigorous and efficient, adding quality and value for its shareholder, and continuing to provide an excellent service and a range of high quality products to its customers.

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