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Flare stack optimization boosts safety, improves uptime, and reduces environmental impacts

Panametrics’ flare.IQ technology significantly reduces methane slip emissions, minimizes costs from flaring operations, and improves transparency for flare operations. flare.IQ is a full stream flare solution, covering assisted flares associated with downstream Petrochemical and refinery, all the way to unassisted flares associated with upstream operations.

Air or Steam Assisted Flares: By using flare.IQ and its patented algorithm, operators can pull critical information about their flare system, including temperature, pressure, vent gas velocities, and gas composition to calculate the optimum levels of flare performance and ensure 98%+ high-efficiency flare combustion.

Unassisted flares: CE% (Combustion Efficiency) and PEMS (Predictive Emissions Modeling System Governmental): The use of flare.IQ for unassisted flares – largely represented in Upstream Oil & Gas operations – provides live monitoring of the combustion efficiency to ensure real-time data reporting. While the gas composition is more stable than what is seen in Downstream operations, when combustion efficiency drops, it is captured immediately, and remediation actions can be taken by the operator. It also provides predictive emissions data by calculating the CO2 being released to the atmosphere. This solution is easy to deploy and is cost-effective when compared to the alternatives for monitoring emissions.

Deploying flare.IQ, operators can also verify flare meters remotely.  This helps ensure customers avoid any carbon tax penalties associated with flaring, but also improves efficiency and reduces the HSE risk of erecting scaffolding and deploying resources to manually verify flare meters.

Visit: https://www.bakerhughes.com/panametrics/flare-management/flareiq

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  1. Oh. I am very enlighten to read in this Oil aptly written oil and gas margazine the interview held with Dr Gbite Falade the CEO of d Niger Delta Exploration and Production company, that he is planning to build and operate a refinery along its upstream ops. To me this is a very wholisticall and comprehensive venture if actualised. This is unlike other indigenous : oil, gas or refinery companies in Nigeria.
    However d source of crude was not articulated. I do not think feasible for other indiginous producer will supply.
    It is clear now, that d focuse of d indiginous producers is to produce marginally from d misconstrued onshore marginal fields for export to make Dollars while ingnoring d local economy (Nigeria/w-Africa) environment. This position is in alignment with IOC modus operandi. When oil was d focuse then , d predicament was, we can not maximise oil production as d gas released can not be evacuated for ultilisation. The IOC discontinued/ refused to put in place in features to evacuate and ultilised d gas as this part of d veture will eat dip into ROR and d net back will only benefit Nigeria and d west African environment/ ecomical development. Currently GAS the other side of d oin is now d focuse. D predicament now is how are we going to evacuate d oil that will realised d gas that will be evacuated via AKK? D indigenous producers are not seen d reversed predicament at all. Seplat recent experience clearly illustrated this .ontil u get to that position u may not get d implication. We tried to cross this bridge before we get there by proposing d construction of 1) a giant gas pipe line that will evacuat: associated gas, free gas logs from d- Delta to free d oil and 2) an indigenous oil export pipe line to run from d north Western Delta to Amukpe through Warri to abiteyi through John’s Creek to farcados coast line for export to compliment d inadequate spdc export line. Currently AKK is under construction but d other side of d coin the alternative export pipe line to spdc line was abandoned.Now FG is realising the fields to indigenous producers where are they going to export d large volume of oil that will be generated from all d Wells in D Niger Delta. Getting to d bridge before planning to croos it could be economically fatal fresh on mind is seplat recent experience. Pls include planning to cross d bridge before getting there.. Highest Regards and Good luck. Agbuza M. A.

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