ENI will Start Small with Tango FLNG, Then Add a Bigger Floater

The Tango Floating LNG vessel that ENI has acquired with its purchase of Export LNG Ltd can only process 0.6Million tons per year, or a fifth of the 3Million Tons Per Annum (3MMTPA) the Italian giant expects to produce, at peak, from Congo’s Marine XII project, where the facility will be deployed.

ENI is now scouting around for larger vessels, while the Tango FLNG commences activity in the second half of 2023, following the completion of mooring and connection works necessary to tie with the Marine XII network and infrastructure.

ENI is keen on tallying up gas projects all over as many of its African fields as possible, to ensure that Italian gas market is adequately served in the wake of the reduction of Russian gas supply to Europe.

“We are increasing our gas production and will send to Italy and southern Europe all the gas we have found,” ENI’s CEO Claudio Descalzi said in May 2022.

“The acquisition of this facility (Tango FLNG) allows the development of a fast-track model capable of seizing the opportunities of the LNG market”, ENI said in a statement, adding that “the high flexibility and mobility characteristics of the Tango FLNG will favour the development and enhancement of ENI’s equity gas by accelerating production start-up time”.

The Tango FLNG, built in 2017, has a treatment capacity of approximately 3Million standard cubic meters/day and an LNG production capacity of approximately 0.6Million tons per year (about 1 billion standard cubic meters/year), h whereas the Marine XII project, when fully operational it will provide volumes in excess of 3Million tons/year (over 4.5 billion cubic meters/year).


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