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Waltersmith’s Ibigwe -13 is a Duster, But Other Results Are Good

The Nigerian producer Waltersmith Petroman, has completed a three well drilling campaign on the Ibigwe field, with mixed results.

Ibigwe -13 was an exploratory well which came up dry.  “The upside drilling that we did which was the exploration well that you referred to”, Chike Nwosu, Waltersmith’s Managing Director, told Africa Oil+Gas Report. “It let us test, you know, some of the prospects which are within the field but in a different structural component of the field and we’ve seen some results there, which we are continuing to study to give us a better understanding of the field”.

Nwosu explained that “based on a success case we plan to drill two additional wells in that area. But you know, like it is with Waltersmith, we do both offside exploration and development wells; we want to sweat the asset as much as we can”.

The company considers the three well campaign a success, as it has completed the two development wells.  “One of them required a slight intervention because there was a slight problem in one of the strings”, he explained.

The production expected from the two wells is “anywhere between 2,000 and 2,500 barrels of oil per day from the two wells”, Nwosu said, before adding: “Okay, including about one to two million standard cubic feet per day of gas”.

A full transcript of a long interview with Nwosu is published as part of our C-SUITE series.


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