BP Hands Over “Statistical Review”, the Bible of the Fossil Fuels Industry, to EI

The Energy Institute (EI) is about to become the new custodian of the Statistical Review of World Energy, the longstanding, free-to-access data source of the global energy industry.

But bp, the British Oil Major, will remain key contributor, including participation in new advisory board

EI is the chartered professional membership body for people who work in energy.

KPMG and Kearney will become EI’s Partners for the Statistical Review.

Published for more than seventy years by bp, the annual publication is the most comprehensive, objective and timely collection and analysis of global energy production, consumption and emission data. It is completely free for users to access.

It has been published by bp since 1952 and widely known as bp Statistical Review of World Energy

From 2023 onwards it will continue as The Energy Institute Statistical Review of World Energy.

“I’m hugely proud of the Statistical Review of World Energy, which bp has compiled and produced for over 70 years”, says Spencer Dale, bp’s Chief Economist. “The Statistical Review has a global reputation for providing timely, objective and comprehensive data on all aspects of the energy system, and is used widely by industry, governments and societies across the world to improve their understanding of the energy system and track the latest developments”.

He adds that “bp will work closely with the Energy Institute to handover our role in producing the Statistical Review and will continue to support and champion its role  in the future.”

The 72nd edition, The Energy Institute Statistical Review of World Energy, is provisionally scheduled to be published in late June. Subscribe to stay updated at: https://www.energyinst.org/exploring-energy/statistical-review

The bp Energy Outlook is unaffected and will continue to be published by bp.


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