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Angola To Put Up 12 More Onshore Blocks for Sale

By Toyin Akinosho, publisher

Angola will launch the tender for concessioning of 12 onshore oil blocks on September 30, 2023, its hydrocarbon regulatory agency has announced.

Four (4) of the concessions are located in the Onshore Basin of the Lower Congo (CON 2, CON 3, CON 7 and CON 8) and the other 8 (eight) in the Onshore Kwanza Basin (KON 1, KON 3, KON 7, KON 10, KON 13, KON 14, KON 15 and KON 19), according to the National Agency of Petroleum, Gas and Biofuels (ANPG),

“The deadline for submitting proposals is November 4, 2023, in compliance with the 40 days after the official launch of the tender, under the terms of the legislation in force”, ANPG explains.

“The tender takes place under Law n.º 10/04, of November 12 (Petroleum Activities Law, amended by Law n.º 5/19, of April 18) and Presidential Decree n.º 86/18, of April 2 (rules and procedures for tenders for acquiring the status of Associate of the National Concessionaire).

If this offer is consummated, it will be Angola’s second conclusive offering of onshore acreages in two years.

Angola is almost exclusively an offshore producer, but in September 2021, it awarded nine onshore acreages (CON 1, CON 5, CON 6, KON 5, KON 6, KON 8, KON 9, KON 17 and KON 20), to 16 companies, six  of whom were handed operatorships, while 10 were announced as non-operating partners in all the blocks. MTI Energy was the bid round’s major beneficiary, as it gets to be operator of four out of the nine blocks and has no less than 50% equity in all the blocks it is allocated to operate.

THE FORTHCOMING ROUND, christened “Tender 2023” aims to, in the words of the ANPG:  (i) relaunch the exploration and production of hydrocarbons in onshore areas, (ii) reassess the existing oil potential in the said basins, (iii) mitigate the decline in production, by increasing exploration activity and discovering new resources and (iv) encourage the participation of small and medium oil companies, as well as (v) promote technological innovation and good governance practices.

The ANPG says it will, at the appropriate time, hold sessions to share information on the oil potential of the blocks and on the legal and contractual framework, the date and place/platform of which will be announced on the website and in the media.

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