ExxonMobil Achieves 2.5Billion Barrels of Cumulative Oil Production in Angola’s Block 15

ExxonMobil and partners have achieved the milestone of 2.5Billion barrels of cumulative oil production in Angola’s deepwater Block 15, since the First Production from FPSO Xikomba, 20 years ago.

The partners installed five FPSOs on the asset in the first six years of commencement of production, thus establishing the fastest execution time in West Africa and one of the fastest in the history of the industry, according the ANPG, Angola’s oil and gas regulatory agency.

Production started with the FPSO Xikomba in 2003, followed by the application of the “Design One, Build Several” strategy for FPSOs Kizomba A in 2004, Kizomba B in 2005 and 2 (two) on Kizomba C (Mondo and Saxi-Batuque) in 2008.

ANPG explains that the achievement “demonstrates that Angola maintains a good potential for oil and gas production, so the National Concessionaire, together with its partners, will do everything to ensure that the sector continues to be profitable and contribute to the development of the Nation”.

Block 15, located approximately 145 kilometers west of the coast of Zaire Province, has 18 commercial discoveries, making it one of the most successful offshore concessions in West Africa.

“Due to the increasing maturity of the fields in block 15, the current focus is on maximizing the recovery of the remaining resources by optimizing production, using technological advances and reducing emissions”, ANPG declares in the statement.


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