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Mikuyu-2: Zimbabwe’s Well Contract Awarded to the World’s Leading Oil Service Firms

Baker Hughes elects to “lose the monopoly” of well services it had on Mikuyu-1 and Mikuyu 1 Sidetrack, which encountered oil and gas shows, but didn’t deliver on a certifiable commercial scale reservoir

Australian minnow, Invictus has completed an extensive tendering process and awarded contracts for well services to several leading international oilfield service providers for the drilling of the Mukuyu-2 well.

SLB (previously known as Schlumberger) has been awarded the open-hole wireline logging contract, Geolog International has been awarded the mudlogging contract, while Baker Hughes in combination with NOV have been awarded the directional drilling and logging while drilling (LWD) contracts.

The remainder of the services, including cementing, drilling fluids & mud engineering, tubular running, fishing & abandonment, liner hangers, reservoir technical services and project management have been retained by Baker Hughes.

“Invictus has enlisted multiple service providers for the drilling of Mukuyu-2 as it allows us to leverage their unique expertise and experience in different areas to ensure safe and efficient drilling and well operations, while increasing the chances of meeting all key objectives of the well”, the company says in a release.

Baker Hughes sources told Africa Oil+Gas Report the company “elected to withdraw from Mikuyu-2 wireline services as we already had commitments for a Helium exploration project in Tanzania”.

Invictus explains that “the aim of the upcoming campaign is to build upon the success of the Mukuyu-1/ST-1 well and confirm a commercial discovery, putting the company on a pathway to development.”

Preparation of tools and services will commence for mobilisation of outstanding equipment to Zimbabwe.

“Mukuyu-1/ST1 has already confirmed the presence of light oil, gas and helium, de-risking drilling in the frontier Cabora Bassa basin and Mukuyu-2 is the next step to unlocking this potentially significant resource.”

Maintenance of equipment retained at the Company’s supply base in Harare from the previous drilling campaign has commenced in preparation for mobilisation, following completion of the move of Rig 202 to the Mukuyu-2 wellsite. Exalo Rig 202 maintenance completed ahead of rig move to Mukuyu-2.

The planned maintenance programmme for Exalo’s Rig 202 has been completed in preparation for the rig move to the Mukuyu-2 wellsite.

Following the rig and camp move to the Mukuyu-2 wellsite, the installation and commissioning of the new mud tank system (currently enroute to Zimbabwe) and rig acceptance process will be undertaken in preparation to drill the Mukuyu-2 well.

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