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‘Nembe Blend’: AITEO Plans Alternative Pipeline, West of NCTL, Headed for  Brass

The Nigerian independent AITEO Eastern E&P currently produces its crude into a dedicated Floating Storage and Offloading (FSO) vessel named Galilean 7, ’located offshore Brass, in the Atlantic Ocean.

The FSO, which has an export permit as a ‘terminal’, is sited west of the Bonny Terminal, the facility in which AITEO previously disposed its output.

The company currently collects its various crude streams from its onshore fields (mainly Nembe Creek, Okoroba, and Santa Barbra fields) in Oil Mining Lease (OML) 29 for processing in a temporary Early Production Facility (EPF), and then barges (ships) them to the Galilean 7.

“Barging is ultimately not the solution”, Victor Okoronkwo, CEO of AITEO Eastern E&P, told Africa Oil+Gas Report. “We are producing now, good, and that’s better than being completely shut down, but we are working to install a pipeline from Nembe to Brass. We need to ramp up to 120,000Barrels of Oil Per Day in a short amount of time”.

AITEO’s recent unveiling of the “Nembe Blend”, a new Nigerian crude ‘grade’, was as much a launch of an addition to Nigeria’s other distillate-rich grades such as Forcados, Bonga and Egina, as it was an announcement of an alternative crude oil evacuation infrastructure to the Nembe Creek Trunk Line (NCTL), which the company had been hitherto associated.

A crude oil grade is a product of a blend of crude oils delivered to a “terminal”. When AITEO was injecting its crudes into the NCTL, they mixed with the other crudes injected by other producers after treatment to certain specifications, and arrived at the Bonny Terminal….Click here to read the full article



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