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Shell Nigeria Recommences Crude Oil Supply to the Port Harcourt Refinery (PHRC)

The Shell operated Bonny Oil & Gas Terminal completed the supply of over 475,000barrels of crude oil to Port Harcourt Refining Company (PHRC) after a prolonged outage of over five years, during which the Refinery underwent rehabilitation and integrity activities on its supply pipeline from BOGT.

“This significant milestone was made possible through intensive preparations, collaboration, and the dedication of both the BOGT and PHRC teams”, Shell told its staff in an internal memorandum.

Key preparatory activities at the Refinery and Terminal to ensure seamless recommencement of crude oil supply included:

  • Pressure and leak testing to assure pipeline integrity by relevant subsidiaries of te NNPC Ltd.
  • Integrity and maintenance activities on the BOT Refinery export pumps (which had been shut down for an extended period) and associated instrumentations at the terminal through diligent efforts of the BOT operations and maintenance teams.

Shell said that it identified some issues at planning and execution stages among others which included:

  • Effective communication: to assure Asset Integrity and the safe supply of crude oil without any environmental impact.
  • Crude Oil Accounting: critical concern highlighted by BOGT was periodic crude oil accounting for two reasons
  1. Continuous assurance of integrity of pipeline (wide volume discrepancies could be an early indication of compromised pipeline integrity).
  2. Compliance with Regulatory guidelines.

Through the duration of the refinery supply, the team experienced a number of challenges.

These included wide discrepancy of compared supply volumes between the Terminal and Refinery, significant export pressure increases and low flow rates (compared to historical data).

However, at the point of each challenge, the team (BOT and PHRC) paused, took a step back and jointly reviewed the concerns, agreed on remedial actions and a way forward before recommencing supply. This resulted in the successful and safe completion of the refinery supply with no harm to people, environment, or equipment.

“In conclusion, the recommencement of crude oil supply from the Bonny Oil and Gas Terminal to the Port Harcourt Refinery is a significant achievement and a game-changer for the industry and the country. The intensive preparations, collaboration, and dedication of both teams involved were instrumental in overcoming challenges and ensuring a safe and efficient supply operation. This milestone will support the Government’s aspiration of steady supply of petroleum products to the downstream market and other associated benefits to the economy of the nation”, Shell says.

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