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What is Technology Telling Us/Our Latest Issue

Some are cheering: Drill Beby Drill!!!

Others lament the burning planet.

Some are angling for gas monetization; others want to replace “expensive” natural gas with solar and wind power.

Others insist on large, onshore LNG plants; others prefer nimble Floating LNG facility.

The market will lean towards efficiency and affordable pricing, So, once in a while we should look at what is the technology trends, especially in the energy transition. The longevity of the hydrocarbon industry has been determined by technological innovations. Part of our remit, as the primer on oil and gas on the African continent, is to provide as much technical intelligence as we identify market opportunity.

We keep our doors wide open to publishing technical articles by the large tribe of oil service firms whose strides in innovations help this industry along. Technology adaptation will keep determining how profitably companies navigate the constructs of the oil patch.

This edition is one of the infrequent ones we devote, if only tangentially, to the subject.

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The Africa Oil+Gas Report is the primer of the hydrocarbon industry on the continent. It is the market leader in local contextualizing of global developments and policy issues and is the go-to medium for decision makers, whether they be international corporations or local entrepreneurs, technical enterprises or financing institutions. Published by the Festac News Press Limited since November 2001, AOGR is a monthly, hardcopy publication delivered to subscribers around the world. Its website remains www.africaoilgasreport.com and the contact email address is info@africaoilgasreport.com.

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