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The Africa Oil+Gas Report is a monthly journal which interprets trends in the continent’s Petroleum Industry to a diverse audience everywhere on the globe. It explains project development and investment decisions. It disseminates geologic information and petroleum engineering analysis  in a way that accountants, project financiers, energy journalists and public affairs specialists can understand.

It provides peerless perspective and insight on policy issues and technical innovation, backgrounded by a high quality of energy intelligence to guide everyone: from the prospecting E&P company to the project finance institution. It indicates to its readers where they should go for petroleum opportunities and why. It is the primer on Africa’s hydrocarbon industry.

Africa Oil+Gas Report is distributed to subscribers in more than 15 countries in Africa, Europe and the United States. The periodical has secured a large and growing subscriber base in Lagos, Algiers, Cairo, Accra, London, Houston, The Hague, Malabo, Khartoum, Johannesburg and Cape Town.  Our readers are petroleum industry technical and commercial professionals, as well as project financiers and business types looking to take advantage of the growing opportunities in the oil and gas industry in Africa

Africa Oil+Gas Report has a print circulation of at least 20,000 copies in Nigeria, South Africa, Angola, Ghana, Egypt, Algeria, Sudan, Equatorial Guinea, Britain and the United States.

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