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Back Cover$6,000.009.5” X 13”
Inside Front Cover$5,250.009.5” X 13”
Inside Back Cover$5,250.009.5” X 13”
Full Inside Page$4,500.009.5” X 13”
Half Page$3,000.004.75” X 13”, or 9.5” X 6.5”
Quarter Page$2,500.004.75” X 6.5”
Front Page Ear piece$3,000.00
Vertical Strip (One Third)$3,000.003.125” X 13”
—–   SPECIALS   —–
Full Page Supplement, including editorial$5,500.00
Two Adjoining Center Pages$8,500.00
Spread Strip (Two Pages, Bottom)$3,500.00
Cover Strip$6,000.00
Pages after the inside page cover but before the Editor’s Intro –$4,200(each)

Special: Pages 2(inside front cover) and 3                                $10,000.00

Full Cover Round up (SPECIAL)                                            $25,000.000

Note: Cheques are to be made payable to Festac News Press Limited. Our full page is 9 1/2” by 13”. Artworks to be submitted by clients should be in JPEG(.jpg), PDF or CorelDraw(.cdr) format.

Ad Type/Dimension                                                                                            Cost
Home Page Ads:                     The rates are net of Value Added Tax(VAT)
Leaderboard Ad (728×90 – also displayed on inner pages) (Monthly)                    $4,000

Leaderboard Ad (728×90 – also displayed on inner pages) (Two Weeks)              $2,800

Medium Rectangle Ad (300×250)                       (Monthly)                              $2,500

Medium Rectangle Ad (300×250)                       (Two Weeks)                        $1,750

Newsletter Blast,                                                 (Full Month)                         $4,200
Newsletter Blast                                                  (Two Weeks)                       $2,800
Full Banner (486×60)                                           (Monthly)                            $3,500
Vertical Banner Ad (120×240)                              (Monthly)                            $2,500
Skyscraper (120×600)                                          (Monthly)                            $2,600
Inner Page Ads:
Medium Rectangle Ad (300×250)                        (Monthly)                              $1,750
Half page Ad (300×600)                                        (Monthly)                            $1,750
Vertical Banner Ad (120×240)                               (Monthly)                            $1,500
Skyscraper (120×600)                                          (Monthly)                             $2,000
Full Banner (486×60)                                            (Monthly)                             $2,750

The rates are net of Value Added Tax(VAT)






NOTE: Materials should be prepared in RGB colour mode and submitted in any or a combination of the
following file formats: Photoshop (PSD), PDF, JPG, PNG, and TIFF. .

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