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NIGERIA: Boi Area Poses Pressure Challenges For BG

BG, the British gas company, lost the original Ogide-1 hole after it took a kick at an undisclosed depth. The rig moved 80 metres updip but continued to chase the same targets. Ogide -1 is located in the vicinity of Boi-1, drilled by Statoil (in 1996), in what is now known as OPL 286-DO, in deepwater Niger Delta. Statoil’s reports indicate that it encountered some gas in the hole but couldn’t reach the target depth because of pressure problems. The campaign ran out of casing strings, and stopped at a total depth of about 2,300metres subsea. The conventional thinking is that a mud diapir is transmitting much of the pressure throughout the system. Statoil walked out of OPL 213 in 2000, handing over the operatorship to Chevron, who carved out Oil Mining Lease (OML 132) and relinquished that part of the lease in 2005. It’s not clear whether BG will still attempt to drill what it calls Boi-1 deep, after Ogide, or whether it has already combined the objectives of Ogide-1 with the objectives of Boi deep. The Boi deep was to test the levels that Statoil couldn’t reach in 1996. BG’s geoscientists are deeply divided over the choice of the Boi area for their first outing in deepwater Nigeria. The company is also technical partner in OPL 284, located north of Agip’s OML 134.

Dana Is Cautious About Akhenaton- 1 Results

Dana Petroleum has suspended Akhenaton-1, in the South October concession, offshore Gulf of Suez for potential re-entry at a later date. “The data is important for assessing further prospectivity in the South October concession”, according to a company release. Akhenaton-1 was drilled to a total depth of 4060metres below sea-level, penetrating both the primary and secondary targets. The top of the secondary Thebes target was encountered at 3567metres below sea-level and the primary Nubia target was encountered at 3988metres. A full suite of electrical wireline logs was acquired, including the use of a formation imaging tool. Although the Nubia was water bearing, oil was encountered in the shallower Thebes and Sudr formations with high oil saturations seen over an extensive vertical interval of 272metres. The Thebes and Sudr formations are low porosity fractured limestones and an imaging tool was therefore used to gather information on the extent of fracturing. A thorough interpretation of the acquired data will now be required before an assessment can be made of the commercial viability of this oil discovery. The 103 drilling rig has moved to the SouthEast July concession in the Gulf of Suez where Dana is drilling the South July-1 well.

Vegas Tries Out In Western Desert

VEGAS OIL & GAS SA WAS ON COURSE to suspending the new field wildcat Al Magd 1 (Hh 31-2) as a discovery as of March 15, 2008. The well is located in the Alam El Shawish West block (Block I). The Total Depth as of mid March was 3,200metres, but the prognosed Total Depth PTD was 3,487metres. Vegas officials say that the main objective of the well were the Abu Roash “C”, “E” and “G” units and the Bahariya Formation. The rig is L/R “Nafla-2.

Sipetrol Targets Bahariya

SIPETROL IS TARGETING THE BAHARIYA and Kharita Formations in the new field wildcat Shahd SE 1, located in East Ras Qattara block, North Egypt basin. The proposed total depth is 2,970m. The well was spudded on the last day of February 2008 and was drilling as of the time we were going to press.

Medex On The Search In Illizi


FRANCE BASED INDEPENDENT MEDEX, has suspended the appraisal well lssaouane Nord B-2 at a depth of  972metres. The target was F2 sandstones. The well is located in onshore Erg Issaouane Block 226, in Illizi Basin in South Eastern Algeria. Issaouane Nord B-2 was logged before suspension.

Malaysians Bank On Mauritana


PETRONAS, THE STATE HYDROCARBONcompany of Malaysia, has spudded a new field wildcat Khop 1 off Mauritania. The well, being drilled by the semi submersible rig Atwood Hunter, is located in Block 6 of the PSC Area C, 70km off the coastline in water depth of 925m. The well is targeting a four-way dip Albian  structure of 220 sq km, with a vertical closure of l,200m. The proposed Total Depth (PTD) is 4320metres. Partners are expecting recoverable reserves ranging from a 100MMBO (P90) to 1,000MMBO(P90).  Petronas operates Block 6  with 72.578% and its partners include Tullow 22 .422%, Roe 5%.

Lundin Expects Rewards In The Muglad


LUND1N PETROLEUM HAS REPORTED the spud of a new field wildcat, Wan Machar-1, in Sudan’s Block SB. The well, the second to be drilled in the company’s ongoing exploration programme, is located in the swamp area of the block, on the eastern flank of the basin. Lundin says the planned total depth of the well is 1,700 meters and the

partners on the block are targeting the Upper to Lower Cretaceous sandstone reservoirs that have proved highly productive in other producing fields in the Muglad Basin. Lundin said the gross unrisked recoverable reserves for the Wan Macbar prospect is estimated at 1,542 million barrels. The partners in Block 5B are Petronas as the operator with 39%, Lundin Petroleum holds 24.5%, ONGC Videsh Ltd. has a 23.5% stake, and Sudapet Ltd. holds 13%. Lundin said that the partners have accepted the recommendation of the National Petroleum Commission to assign a 10% share to the National Oil Company of Southern Sudan to be allocated on a “pro rata” basis from each of the partners’ shares.

Ashley Heppenstall, President and CEO of Lundin Petroleum, said that Wan Macbar is a world class exploration prospect which if successful “will transform Lundin Petroleum”. He said: “We remain optimistic on the overall prospectivity of the Muglad Basin and its extension into block 5B, an area of over 20,000 km2 which is virtually unexplored to date.”

Khalda Gets Gas In Matruh

KALDA HAS COMPLETEDA GAS ZONE IN new field wildcat Flanders 1, located in the Matruh development lease in the North Egypt Basin, Western Desert. The reservoir is in the Lower Safa member of the Alam El Bueib formation. The total depth of the well was 4,487metres and the rig was EDC rig 51.

Lundin Confirms Nya-1 As A Duster

LUNDIN HAS CONFIRMED that Nya- 1, drilled in Sudan’s Block 58, was a duster. The well was drilled on dry land in the Muglad Basin block., “No oil shows were recorded”, Lundin said in a press release, which added that the well did encounter “minor gas shows” and all the samples and data from the drilling will be “analyzed and studied in further detail.”

China Drills Ahead In Cued Mya


CNPC IS APPRAISING DISCOVERIES IN Egypt’s Oued Mya Basin. The onshore-focused Chinese state hydrocarbon company was drilling Bou Khezana4 (BKZ) in El M’Zaid block 438b, Oued Mya basin, in early March 2008. The targets are Silurian and Devonian. The well was drilling ahead at 2,479m as of March 5, 2008.

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