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Africa Oil+Gas Report’s May 2021 Edition is Out

The Africa Oil+Gas Report has released the May 2021 edition of its monthly magazine and has distributed the e-copies, in pdf format, to its tens of thousand paying subscribers around the globe.

The theme of the current issue is the refining opportunity on the continent, with some of the highlights of the rich, market intelligence filled, 52-page industry trade journal listed below:


  • Africa’s Refining Boom is at Hand
  • Four Countries Close the Gap
  • South Africa Abdicates Leadership
  • Dangote: What Took So Long?
  • Refiners want Crude in Local Currency

A sweeping overview of Africa’s refining landscape is something that AOGR undertakes once every year, even though the ‘Refining Gap’ section is a prominent part of our monthly issues, as well as our website.

But this particular edition is a celebration of an imminent boom in the continent’s hydrocarbon processing activity.

We are not unaware that this is happening in the context of a global energy transition and what some have described as the twilight of the fossil fuel era. So, some can argue: Why the hoorah if Africa is waking up to manufacture gasoline and aviation fuel when the rest of the world is talking about electric vehicles and the growing preference for zoom link over physical conferences?

Our response is that we will celebrate this moment; any morsel of information about Africa’s industrialization, Africa’s beneficiation of its natural rec sources, is an idea we will promote at Africa Oil+Gas Report.

Other highlights of the edition include:


..Of Ghana,



Eq. Guinea,



Nigerian Indies’ Latest Production Update

Angolan Export Numbers, Block by Block


Angola Rig Count, Detailed Activity

Nigeria Rig Count, Detailed Activity

To access the edition, please click here.




Advertisers’ Announcement-Petroboost Technology Enables Viscous Oil To be Readily Produced

Revolution Minerals Ltd has recently introduced a revolutionizing technology in boosting oil and gas well production– PetroBoost®, a patented method for exerting a combined effect on the near-wellbore region of a producing formation.

PetroBoost technology is the result of many years of scientific research and lab testing by leading Russian and Ukrainian scientific institutes focused on research into hydrogen energy.

PetroBoost technology has been successfully tested in collaborations with major oil and gas companies in a broad variety of wells with differing geological conditions. These companies include Gazprom, Novatek, Tatneft in Russia, Eni SPA in Turkmenistan and others.

The PetroBoost technology effectively enhances well production increasing ultimate recovery factors of oil and gas reservoirs. PetroBoost technology is effective in oilfields where traditional stimulation technologies struggle, including viscous oil, those with high paraffin content, oil rims, tight formations, etc.








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