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Libya’s Arabian Gulf Oil …General Tender Extension No. (MTC-19/2020)

Arabian Gulf Oil Company, in Libya, intends to upgrade and Tie-in new wells into the existing cathodic protection system (Nafoora) Turnkey project Project no P-22

Deadline for tender is: 14:00 Hours, Monday, December 21, 2020.

Description of work:

Reinstating the Cathodic Protection (C.P.) to a number of wells to the northeast of main areas of exploratory wells, namely “K pool”, “L pool” & “O pool”, (V & Y).  It is proposed now that the individual well casings, flow lines, satellites, trunk lines, and GOSP (as applicable) be protected by transformer rectifiers instead of the existing vandalized Solar Energy Units (SEUs).  Where feasible, four (4) wells shall be protected by one (TR).

–  reinstating Cathodic Protection for Fajr Field (GOSP-8) facilities. Drill &            case new DGBs and install new “MMO” anodes firmly secured to dual   jacketed cables with a double compression crimp. All (9) TRs be refurbish, all AJBs be replaced. Checking I/Fs & Spark gaps if required.

–  Drill & case twelve (11) new DGB around various GOSPs.

– replace sixty (59) lost or defective magnetite anode strings around various GOSPs.

– incorporating (25) newly-drilled Wells around the various GOSPs and previously unprotected structures. It will be necessary to connect these wells to C.P system and install new Insulating Flanges (I/Fs) in the wellheads and flow lines where it is possible or new C. P stations are required.

Details of the Bidding procedure are provided in this link.



Tender for Replacement of Gas Compressors Package for Libya’s Sarir Refinery

The Arabian Gulf oil Company (AGOCO) of Libya has called for tenders for replacement of the reciprocating type hydrogen recycle compressors in the 30,000Barrel per day Sarir Refinery, located in the Sirte Basin.

The compressors currently in place are two old electronic driven reciprocating type

The project is TURNKEY IMPLEMENTATION and incudes design, supply, installation, start-up and commissioning of the gas compressors.

The contractor shall replace them as a full package with electric motors, drums, instrumentation and connect it to the existing system.

For details, click here.

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