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PAID POST: FREE WEBINAR; Beyond Cement- Seeking P&A Alternatives

With P&A costs accounting for ca. 45% of total decommissioning spend, developments in plugging technology hold the potential to deliver unparalleled savings at end of life. DecomWorld’s upcoming webinar – Beyond Cement – Seeking P&A Alternatives (30 October, 10am CST) – discusses the potential of alternative plugging materials and shares case study insights into the latest technologies. This webinar features insight from Henry StAubyn, VP Advisory US (PACE) , Paul Carragher, CEO (BiSN), Phil Head, Founder & Director (Panda-Seal) and Prof Richard D. Neilson, Centre Director (National Decommissioning Centre). Register today and come away with your definitive guide to alternate plugging materials:

  • Evaluate alternatives to traditional cement and bridge plug abandonment
  • Get in the know on the latest tech developments and understand the potential for new materials to ensure both cost efficacy and environmental safety
  • Hear how a state-of-the-art barrier verification chamber has the potential to transform the development of cost-effective P&A technologies

If you aren’t able to make the times, that’s no problem- simply sign up and I’ll personally send you the recordings free of charge. The webinar is produced in collaboration with the 12th Annual Decommissioning and Abandonment Summit, Houston Texas. Any questions, contact Owen, the event director, at

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