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Azura is a Shiny Outlier, Transcorp is Noisy

…And Hydro plants Perform Better …

Out of Nigeria’s 10 largest electricity producing plants, the exemplary outlier is Azura, which generated 424MW, or 92% of its installed capacity in February 2024.

The closest performers are the hydropower plants: Kainji delivered 438MW or 58% of its installed 760MW; Jebba output 306MW or 54% of its installed 570MW and Shiroro produced 305MW or 51% of its installed 600MW.

In terms of percentage, Agip’s Okpai plant counts among the first five but the 52% of installed capacity, which it produced, was a mere 251MW. These are all February 2024 performances, published by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission.

The report is evidence that the generation part of the Nigerian Electricity Supply chain is an astonishingly underperformer.

Total actual output, of…

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