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Large Seismic Survey Completed in Shallow water Kwanza Basin

Norwegian explorer, PGS has completed the acquisition on the MC3D Kwanza Shelf survey offshore Angola.

The company says that GeoStreamer coverage in Blocks 6, 7 and 8 and the surrounding areas of the Kwanza Shelf is now 8,300 sq kms.

“This MC3D Kwanza Shelf survey complements earlier PGS acquisition, carried out in 2019”, PGS says, adding that this latest survey will provide key data for the country’s 2021 License Round.

“A fast-track dataset is now available for viewing. The present-day shelf of the Kwanza Basin has been overlooked in previous exploration cycles. The combination of 3D GeoStreamer technology with modern imaging techniques is expected to unlock plays in shallow Kwanza Shelf open blocks”.

PGS states that t encountered imaging challenges in the shallow-water environment of the survey and it resolved them by enhanced processing flows such as full waveform inversion (FWI) and separated wavefield imaging (SWIM) enabled by high-quality GeoStreamer 3D broadband data.

“High-density GeoStreamer acquisition combined with the latest processing and imaging technology, provide a detailed view of the hydrocarbon potential of the Kwanza Shelf area. This high-quality dataset will allow for lead and prospect generation, attribute analysis and reservoir-scale evaluations”

Fast-track data from the Kwanza Shelf MultiClient 3D GeoStreamer survey is now available for viewing.


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  1. Mkhuseli says:

    Why are Africans allowing their God given resources to be exploited by foreign countries. Will the Norwegians or Europeans allow Congolese nationals to own their mineral resources. This is the shameful and despicable ugly side of capitalists, whose greed drive them to want to rob other nations of their God given resources. Norway is one of the wealthiest nations in the world with one of the most well endowed Sovereign Funds for generations of Norwegian children why are they after the poor nations resources? Why can’t they offer the technology and data to the Congolese, at a fee, to the Congolese? This is truly shameful

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