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With New Gasoline Prices, Egyptians Still Pay Less than Angolans and Nigerians

….and less than a quarter of what South Africans and Ghanaians pay to fill their tanks

By Mohammed Jetutu, in Cairo

Egyptians are now buying a litre of 92 octane gasoline for $0.36 (or 2.6 Egyptian pounds) and 80 octane gasoline for $.22 (or 1.6 Egyptian pounds). A litre of diesel in the country’s filling stations now sells for $0.25 (or 1.8 Egyptian pounds), effective July 5, 2014. The prices are the result of a dramatic assault on the country’s subsidy system, which sucks 30 percent of the country’s national budget. Newly elected President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, an ex-army chief, has clearly opted to narrow the deficit.

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Uganda’s Refinery Project Tender Progresses to the Negotiations Phase

KAMPALA, 24th June 2014– Two of the four bidders that submitted proposals to the Government of Uganda (GOU) for the role of lead investor for  the 60,000 barrels per day (BPD) oil refinery and related downstream infrastructure have been invited to progress to the next stage of the tender process.   This followed the issuance of a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the Uganda Refinery Project during January 2014 with a submission deadline of 30th May 2014.

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Uganda Refinery: Shortlist Down To Four


Four of the six shortlisted firms/ consortia have submitted detailed proposals to the Government of Uganda (GOU) for the role of Lead Investor/Operator for the development of the 60,000 barrels per day (BPD) oil refinery and related downstream infrastructure in the country.

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Aliko Dares The Nigerian Demon

Dangote casts net in oily waters

An abundance of scepticism surrounds Aliko Dangote’s plan to commission Africa’s largest crude oil refinery in three years’ time.

A month after the continent’s richest tycoon announced the scheme, promising to spend $8billion of his own money on the project and unveil it by 2016, “Dangote acknowledged that his plan might face stiff political opposition from interests benefiting from Nigerian products imports”, wrote Neil Fleming, an associate consultant with the London based CITAC, a global consulting firm whose activities include downstream oil and gas analysis.

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South Africa Not In A Hurry To Build Mthombo Refinery

By Sully Manope

PetroSA’s proposed 300,000 BOPD crude refinery could be developed in 2021/22, but an investment decision would have to be made in 2017, it is official.

Sizwe Mncwango, chief executive of the Central Energy Fund, the parent body of the state hydrocarbon company PetroSA, says that the project, considered a medium term priority, is “viable on a standalone basis” and that there were “a lot of suitors out there who would like to associate themselves with these kinds of programmes”. Project Mthombo is to be located in the Coega industrial development zone, in the country’s Eastern Cape.

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A Looming Downstream Boom, Not In Refining

The 1,000BOPD Ogbele Diesel Plant Is the only refinery completed in Nigeria in the last 15 years

Assembling the political will and investment resources to build a refinery in Africa is a daunting task
By Neil Fleming, courtesy of the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies

Led by booming economies like that of Côte d’Ivoire, Mozambique and Ethio­pia, sub-Saharan Africa’s oil demand is set to jump by 50 percent in the next decade, outstripping growth in the rest of the world by a factor of around four to one.

That’s the forecast from downstream African consulting specialists CITAC, who predict African oil demand will hit 5.1 MMBOPD in 2023, up from 3.4MMBOPD in 2012. By 2020, demand is set to be some 4.5 MMBOPD, with West and Central African demand growing the fastest (44 percent), and North Africa likely to grow by 26 percent.

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An African Giant Pumps Up The American Economy

An African Giant Pumps Up The American Economy

As a rule, Foreign Direct Investments(FDIs),  flow from the rich west to the jungles of Africa. One case that proves the exception is Sasol’s proposed investment in America’s plastics and chemicals industry.

The South African born synfuels manufacturer and the world’s largest producer of motor fuel from coal, says it will profit from the investment in two new plants, based in Louisiana, the United States Of America. “The proposed investment is estimated to be between $16 and $21 billion, making it the largest foreign investment in the State of Louisiana’s history”, Sasol says in a statement.

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At last, Tullow Gets What It Wants

The recent agreement between the Ugandan Government and three International Oil Companies, calling for a 30,000Barrels Per Day refinery in Uganda, as well as export pipeline, is the deal that Tullow Oil has sought for the past five years. In the war of rhetoric with the Ugandan government, Tullow Oil had always insisted it could do a small scale refinery in Uganda but must build an export pipeline to export most of the crude.

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Egypt’s Fuel Subsidy To Scale $20Billion

Fuel subsidies will cost Egypt around $20.3Billion(140Billion Egyptian Pounds) if a reform does not kick in before the end of the fiscal (2012/2013) year, according to the country’s energy minister.

North Africa’s largest economy is under pressure to curb its soaring fuel subsidy bill, which accounts for a fifth of state spending, to secure a $4.8 billion loan from the International Monetary Fund.

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Nigerian Minnow Plans A 5,000BOPD Refinery

Nigerian independent, Waltersmith Petroman, is evaluating the feasibility of installing a 5,000 BOPD refinery on its Ibigwe field in the eastern Niger Delta basin. The refinery, it hopes, “will provide an alternative income stream especially in the wake of very frequent disruption in export schedules caused by the vandalisation of pipelines in the Niger Delta”, the company said in a statement.

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